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Services Offered

Same Day Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service

Resort Care delivery vansWe offer same day turn around 7 days a week for garments needed by both guests and employees. We pick up early in the morning and deliver late in the afternoon. In addition, we are available for overnight service: in by 9pm, back by 10am. Four-hour express service is also available from 8am to noon daily for an additional charge.

Every morning, our drivers pick up at each hotel and deliver any overnight requests. If the guest requests service after the regular morning pick-up but before noon, our driver can return to that hotel for 4-hour express service when contacted by them. After noon, all of our drivers return to the plant to begin processing of garments for delivery later that day. The evening route includes picking up garments requested for overnight service.

Guest Dry Cleaning

Because our association with Margaret’s Cleaners, the nation’s first Certified Couture Cleaner, we are prepared to handle cleaning of even the finest couture garments provided by your guests. Anything from cleaning luxury evening gowns to fine St. John knits, silk ties, and even wedding gown cleaning and preservation can be easily provided. You can assure your guests that we have the experience and know-how to handle their garments.

Shirt & Uniform Service

Shirt and uniform cleaningEmployee shirt and uniform laundry service are provided as a complimentary benefit to hotels and resorts we service regularly. In addition, employees may have personal, non-uniform items cleaned at a discount via our pre-paid employee laundry service. Bar coded bag tags and Resort Care laundry bags are provided for each employee.

Laundry Service — Finished or Fluff & Fold

All types of laundry service are available, including standard finishing, premium finishing or simply fluff and fold.

VIP Premium Cleaning Provided by Margaret's

All premium dry cleaning requests from your guests and employees will be handled by Margaret’s Cleaners, one of the nation’s most experienced garment specialists. Margaret’s is family owned with over 4 generations of dry cleaning experience.

Shoe Cleaning & Repair

Resort Care, through Margaret’s, also offers repair and cleaning of fine leather shoes and uses only premium finishes. Feel free to encourage guests and employees to include their dress shoes with the cleaning requests.

Handbag Cleaning & Repair Cleaning and repair of handbags is another specialty available through Resort Care. Margaret’s is North America’s largest and most experienced handbag and purse cleaning specialist. Professional purse cleaning is performed entirely by hand. Cleaning techniques vary depending on the construction material, type and extent of soil. A handbag cleaning specialist must have the skills to know how to deal with a great variety of fabrics, as well as the proper cleaning of leather and suede purses.

Gown Pressing

Resort Care can handle touch-up pressing for your guest’s finest garments and gowns should they become wrinkled during travel to their San Diego destination. Don’t hesitate to encourage your guests to make sure all of their garments are ready to impress.

Area Rug Cleaning

Accidents happen! Resort Care can handle cleaning your resort’s area rugs to keep them in the best condition. Even rug cleaning is done in-house so there will be less of a delay getting them back on the floor where they belong.

Fine Alterations & Repairs

Resort Care offers fine alterations and repairs on any type of garment with our experienced in-house seamstresses. They can handle everything from hems, seams, buttons and zippers to repairing snagged knits.

Table & Bed Linen Services — Standard and Premium Linens

flatwork ironerOur plant can handle the high-volume cleaning requirements of any resort for both their standard and premium table and bed linens. Our sheet-sized flatwork ironer takes it all in stride.

Bridal Gown Pressing & Steaming

Resort Care is proud to offer bridal gown care, cleaning and preservation, which is a Margaret’s specialty. Garments affected by the trip to the resort or touch ups needed by the bride or the wedding party before the big event are no problem with Margaret's specialists on hand. We have the experience needed to handle even the most elaborate couture wedding gowns, dresses and tuxedos to get them ready-to-wear.

Bridal Gown Preservation & Shipping

Following the wedding, we can pick-up the bride’s gown for after-the-party cleaning and preservation. Margaret’s museum-quality gown preservation is the finest available and carries a lifetime international warranty through its membership in the Association of Wedding Gown Specialists. We’ll even take care of shipping it to the bride after her honeymoon.

Drapery & Blind Cleaning

Resort Care’s drapery and blind cleaning service is second to none. Our experienced technicians can take down and rehang when needed. We offer quick turn-around service, and can even do on-site cleaning when necessary.




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